Vertical Blinds Special

Complete House / Condo / Apartment
Custom Made PVC Vertical Blinds
7 Windows Totaling or 200 sq ft.
Over 50 Colours in stock

Our custom made Vertical blind add life and personality to any room in the house. There is no need to buy expensive fabric drapery, our vertical blinds are a beautiful way to transform any room with sleek and contemporary look. These PVC blinds are durable, room darkening and energy efficient, at a more economical price.

Terms and Conditions
· Limit of one Special Deal per person / customer / household.
· Up to 7 Vertical blinds or less, totalling 200 square feet or less
· Over 50 Colours PVC 3 1/2”
· Free Estimate . Free Measurement . Free Delivery . Free Installation
· The price is $ 645 (all taxes are included)

Total Savings
· Regular price for the vertical blinds $ 1290 with a 50% Discount
· Plus Free estimate ( Reg price $45.00)
· Plus Free installation ( Reg price $99.00)
· Total savings of $ 789.00

Product Details
· Over 50 Colours 3 ½” Curved PVC Slats (Vanes).
· Durable aluminium heavy-duty track provides stability, ideal for patio doors and extra wide windows.
· Track allows for either right or left opening.
· Self-aligning and self-lubricating carriers realign the thick.
· Room darkening vanes by simply pulling the chain.
· Matching dust cover valance with round corners for a stylish finished look.
· Cord weight allows the cord to hang straight without tangling.
· Outside mount recommended for maximum room darkening effect.
· Easy care, simply wipe clean with damp sponge.
· All hardware and instruction included.
· Energy Efficiency.


Complete House / Condo / Apartment  Custom Made PVC Vertical Blinds