Replacement Slats Vertical Blinds

Tired of the look at your old vertical blinds, need a fresh new look?. No need to spend lots of money purchasing a complete set of Vertical blinds, just replace the slats (vanes). Our DesignerVertical Blind Slats are a beautiful way to transform any room with sleek and contemporary look.. These PVC blinds are durable, room darkening and energy efficient, at a more economical price.

Product Features


  • Color: Over 100 Textured.
  • 3 1/2" Slat Width. Customize your exact length up to 60" long.
  • Material: 100% Vinyl. Commercial grade that is safe for your home or office.
  • Will universally fit all existing tracks/ headrails.
  • UV Resistant and extremely easy to clean.
  • Textured, Crown Profile.
  • Light Blockage: Room Darkening. Light will not show through slat material.
  • Streetside Appearance: White.